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Dementia lectures and SQC Haptic Therapy workshops in Japan

SQC arranged a number of seminars and workshops related to dementia care and Haptic therapy in Japan this month. With the help of our strong network we arranged the activities in Tokyo, Osaka and Oita. More than 200 persons joined our events that time.

 One of the highlights was when Emil Östberg and our dementia care expert Maria Bergström worked as consultants at a nursing home for a whole day.  Advices on challenges the care staff were facing were given to them.. The day ended with a lecture about dementia care including a lot of time for Q&A.


 Maria Bergström and 2 Japanese Haptic therapy instructors with their diploma

Our new certified Japanese instructors in SQC Haptic Therapy that passed their examination this time.

 ‘’’ SQC Haptic Therapy” = Soft Tissue Massage even called Tactile Massage





Professors and teachers from Japan study Swedish school-age educare (Fritidshem)

Professors and teachers from Japan study Swedish school-age educare (Fritidshem)


Sweden has a long and unique history of afterschool care for children 6-12 years of age. In 1978 the first University program started in Sweden for teachers at school-age educare. In 2016 leisure-time centers were included in the Swedish school curriculum. Today about 90% of all children 6-9 years attend these centers.


With this background a Japanese group of 15 scientists visited SQC to study the system of school-age educare in Sweden. In the program lectures by representatives from the Stockholm Municipality, Stockholm University and Labor Union were included. The group also visited a number of leisure-time centers and met with staff and played with children there



SQC introduces Soft Tissue Massage in Japan

During 2017 SQC lounged courses in Soft Tissue Massage in Japan under the name Haptic Therapy.

The therapy method is based on Med. Doctor Berit Cronfalk´s research and her thesis for her doctorate “Being In Safe Hands”.

SQC has centers in Tokyo and Osaka providing the program on regular bases.

Maria Bergström who is a Haptic Therapy instructor visited Japan 2 times in 2017 to give lectures and workshops. In April 2018 Maria will again provide workshops in Tokyo, Osaka and Oita. SQC also includes Haptic Therapy workshops in many of our study programs in Sweden. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in a workshop.




Hosei University Students Visits Sweden

Hosei UppsalaIn early September a group of students from Hosei University visited Sweden for a one week long study program. The program included visits to elderly-, child- and disability care facilities.   In addition to studying the Swedish welfare system the Japanese group had many opportunities to meet and interact with Swedish university students.   3 Month before the group arrived in Sweden Emil Östberg from SQC gave a introductory lecture  for the students at the Japanese University . Hosei Univ Students with SU students


Interaction with Swedish students was also added as

Lectures and seminars in Japan

IMG_4119During the first 6 Month of this year Emil Östberg from SQC visited Japan 3 times in order to give lectures and seminars at different Institutions  and Universities .  In total it turned out to be 25 seminars for more then 2000   persons.  Lectures were given in Yamagata, Nigata, Tokyo, Nagoya,  Osaka, Kobe  and Tokushima.   Most seminars were related to elderly  and Dementia care, but there were also a number of lectures focusing on Swedish welfare for persons with severe disabilities.  Next trip to Japan is planned to be in the Spring of 2016. Do not hesitate to contact SQC if you would be interested in a lecture.