Key persons

Picture of Björn WigströmBjörn Wigström, CEO. M.Sc. (economics).

Has worked for many years in international consumer marketing and business development in Germany, USA and Sweden.

1993 the concept of the Swedish child care system was introduced to USA by Björn in cooperation with The Ministry of Social Welfare.

After a visit to Germany 1999 Björn discovered a need of specialized carring for people with dementia. With help from Prof. Barbro Beck –Friis, Björn assisted to transform the Swedish concept of group-living home for people with dementia to Germany in 2000. This group-living home was built 2001 by German investors.

2001 Björn was asked to become CEO of a state owned company, then owned by the Swedish Trade Council and the Swedish Handicap Institution.
The purpose with the organization was to spread the know-how and technical devises to the Asian markets with focus on Japan.
2007 this company became a private company, SQC with the same purposes.