About us

SQC provides study visits and educational training in Sweden and Denmark for customers from all over the world. Our programs are within the area of welfare, medical care or environmental field.

Since the start in 2007 we have received more then 3 500 customers. The company Roots are from 2001 and was then owned by The Swedish Trade Council and The Swedish Handicap Institute.

Extensive Network
Through our network of Universities, Municipalities and private companies we at SQC can offer you a wide range of lectures and study visits in Sweden and Denmark. All programs will be customized to suit your needs.

Our services

  • Study visits and educational training in Sweden & Denmark.
  • Long term training at Swedish welfare and medical care institutions. (1-12 Month)
  • Lectures by SQC staff and other experts in Japan, China, Holland and other countries.
  • Skype seminars
  • Consultancy services for welfare and healthcare companies – e.g. in the implementation of the Swedish healthcare philosophy, human resources issues and assistive technologies.
  • Project management for specific construction or equipment projects.
  • Sales of related products, such as assistive and health food products.